other sites of interest

ask the inuyasha cast - this is a great site where you can ask the cast of inuyasha questions.

akiko and yiki's page - this is an interesting website that is dedicated to many animne series, not just ours, no da. please go there and check them out.

ask the final fantasy x cast - the final fantasy x cast has a site up where you can ask them questions. please pay them a visit and ask them a question or two.

ask the kenshin-gumi - the kenshin-gumi now has their own site! check it out and drop them a line!

the empire's fist - this is a star wars fanfic by damon. it's an interesting site. please check it out.

anime turnpike - anime turnpike is still around.

jubei-chan's lovely eyepatch realmby the same people that brought you ask jubei-chan!

ask jubei-chan - jubei-chan and koinosuke answer your questions. the site is still under construction for the rest of the jubei cast but looks really nice!

ask the cast of final fantasy 8 - tasuki: kaitou an' her cast are lonely. 'specially that loser seifer! go ask 'em somethin'. heh-heh-heh...

reploid production studios - one-chan and firefury's fan archive site!

gundam wing - a new era - firefury and one-chan's gundam wing fic!

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