some of our favorite places to visit

fushigi yuugi novels - this is tetris no miko's page of her translations of all the fy den novels.

suzakuden legend of phoenix - this will tell you about the mikos, mythos, and characters of fy.

lotus pearl - lots of cool fanart! and an interesting manga as well!

crimson seishi - she's jus' startin' out so go easy on 'er!

tasuki shrine - bon has created a shrine to everyone's favorite bandit! check it out!

eternal dream: a nuriko shrine - a lovely shrine dedicated to everyone's favorite cross-dressing seishi!

ask the mikos - this is a new peeji where you can ask miaka and yui questions!

~:: veiled reflections ::~ - this is a new shrine to chichiri and nuriko that our friend in the phillipines, louver has started. please visit it and let louver know how much you like it!

fy fanfic review - this is a site that you can submit your fanfic to and the seishi will review and critique your work.

chichiri t.v. - oh my! yet another chichiri shrine, no da! awwww.... chichiri's blushing.... kawaii, no da!

miaka's tea shop - this is a kawaii tea shop run by our miko. please check it out.

otakuworld - this site has an extensive anime/manga search engine and some really interesting free/shareware.

chichiri's d.a. club - chichiri is very pleased to find another site dedicated to him, but he's too shy to admit it. cool gallery!

fushigi yuugi role playing game - this an interesting site to go to if you wish to particpate in a fushigi yuugi rpg, no da!

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