suzaku seishi fan art gallery

hi minna and welcome to our new fan art gallery! over the years we have received many pieces of art from you and we have tried our best to display most of it in "seishi of the week", but we have always felt that we could do better by you. so, with you in mind, we have created this gallery to display all the wonderful art we have received and hope to continue to receive from our talented friends and fans.

as with any fanart, if you wish to copy a particular piece, please contact the artist to ask permission. you can always post to the message board asking the artist if you can download their work. now, on some of the pictures, we have either not known the artist or forgotten who it was (gomen nasasi!). if you come across a picture that you know you have drawn and sent to us, please let us know so we can give you the proper credit!

to get to each of our galleries click on one of our pictures, below.
chichiri's gallery
click here if you wish to visit my gallery, no da! tasuki's gallery
i got more pictures than ol' obake-chan an' i ain't in no bikini!! heh-heh-heh... *fanged grin*
tamahome's gallery
will someone draw that drunken baka tasuki in a bikini so he'll shutup already! nuriko's gallery
thank you minna-san for the lovely pictures of me!
hotohori's gallery
as konan's emperor, i would be quite pleased if you were to gaze at my beauty in the privacy of my gallery. mitsukake's gallery
i finally have a picture! yatta!
chiriko's gallery
hello minna! thank you so much for all the lovely artwork! group and misc gallery
here you will find group pictures and pictures that don't fit into a particular gallery.

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